How To Get A Revolut Free Card

Revolut is a UK financial technology firm that offers pre-paid debit cards (Master Card or Visa), currency and cryptocurrency exchange as well as peer to peer money transfers. With the existence of the payment app and credit card, Revolt offers a great alternative to the banking products.

If you are adventure-loving, Revolut credit card offers endless opportunities to enjoy a global lifestyle with exceptional flexibility that you cannot get from the regular banks. With Revolut, you’ll also have perfect control over your finances at your comfort. Thanks to the contactless Revolt card that enables travelers to spend money in over 130 currencies without hidden charges, reliance on brokers or expensive exchange rates. If you travel a lot, Revolt also offers you an excellent opportunity for growth and establishment in international business. Here is how to get your free Revolut debit card and start enjoying seamless transactions at your comfort.

Eligibility And Account Verification

The process of getting a Revolut free debit card starts with your eligibility. If you are a Revolut user, who is yet to apply for a physical card, you are eligible. However, you should top up your account with a minimum of £10 for account verification. After that, you can purchase using your Revolut card with no limitation.
How Many Times Can You Apply For The Revolut Free Debit Card?

After ordering your first Revolut card, you better take great care of it to avoid the extra costs involved in the replacement of your card. With your first free Debit card, you can enjoy limitless purchases as long as your account has enough money. However, the free physical card is only for the standard revolt current account. With that said, you cannot order a free premium card. Interestingly, you can also order your first physical card for free, even if you have a virtual one. Remember, the emphasis lies only on the first physical card. The offer is null and void for card replacement.

Charged For Your First Revolut Debit Card?

If you believe that you were charged for the first physical card for whatever reasons, do not hesitate to contact the support agents to look into your situation and refund your fee. Isn’t it credible? Well, never fall a victim.

Delivery of your card

After you have fully processed your Revolt debit card, all you will need is to choose a convenient means of receiving your card. Even though the card is free, you should pay a small fee to foot for the delivery. The price for standard delivery is usually £5 while the express delivery may cost you £7 more, making it £12. The company does the delivery of the Revolut debit cards to over 45 countries covered by Revolut. You can check out for your country.

How The Card Works

To ensure the card is loaded, you can top it up via bank transfers. With that said, you can freely spend up to £500 free, but you’ll have to go through the verification process to spend more. In connection to that, you will have to provide your relevant credentials such as passport, National ID or a driving license for successful verification. With all that in mind, you will have a great time using the Revolut free debit card.


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